August 9th

An American B-29 bomber drops a deadly atomic payload on a Japanese port city dotted with military installations, ultimately killing 140,000 people (August 6, 1945: Hiroshima), Kenya loses one of its founding fathers (August 22, 1978: Jomo Kenyatta), terrorists detonate a bomb in the US Embassy in Nairobi causing the deaths of 218 innocent people... Continue Reading →


All in a Month

My web journal just turned a month old last week with 11 published articles. I know this might not be much of an achievement but I just want it out there, for we do not celebrate our kids birthdays when they get to understand the concept of time, we celebrate them when they are too... Continue Reading →

Rainy day stash

I have this file folder on my phone named CREATIVE NOISE, it contains all my half baked articles and ambitious ideas that I have not come around to finish, I got this concept from one of my favorite bloggers-Biko, the composite pit from where stories grow or sit for ages without seeing the light of... Continue Reading →

Of Guests and Visitors

When I started this small blog I had promised myself an article a day. The first few days were easy, ideas were running wild in my brain- you know!, excitement was at an all-time high, I could dish out even two articles in a day but then  life happened, my creative juices run low, the... Continue Reading →


Hip-hop is a musical genre that started from humble New York cities to become a worldwide phenomenon racking over hundreds of millions of dollars yearly worldwide. Most people attribute hip-hop to rapping (rhythmical delivery of vocals paired with a soundtrack) but hip-hop itself is an embodiment of an entire subculture which includes elements of fashion,... Continue Reading →

New Age Millenial

It is hard to identify as an individual for most millennials, anyone born between the late 80’s and 2000. Half of us suffer from failure to achieve ego identity (identity crisis), some knowingly, most unknowingly. We react to meeting different people in different ways i.e. meet me when I’m feeling insecure and you’ll end up... Continue Reading →

Wacky Wednesday

If your Wednesday was a person, how would you describe her (off course mine is female)? Well let’s try mine, we’ll call her Amani, flawless light skin, slightly large forehead, a beautiful mole on her upper lip and a golden smile- the window to her soul. For as long as I have known Amani, she’s... Continue Reading →

Biting my Truant Pen

You start a blog and promise yourself that you’ll be doing an article a day, well, except on the weekends(me time), you promise yourself that you’ll nurture your baby until it comes of age and is able to walk on its own. We all start somewhere don’t we? You read somewhere that perfect practice makes... Continue Reading →


Today I had a very interesting conversation with  my friend. Here's how it went .... Friend: I've been waiting for 3rd world war all my life, OK ,kidding. But honestly I miss the days when the Soviets paraded their wares for all to see. Me: The third world war will destroy everything and everyone in... Continue Reading →

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